More FOX News Developments

File Under: Cable News

Not only is After Hours w/Cal Thomas now gone from Saturday late nights, FOX Magazine has now ended it’s run on Sunday nights.

Cal Thomas was always a panel member on FOX News Watch, so he’ll still be on FNC airwaves. And he has that little column and syndicated radio spot, which I guess are semi-popular…. 😉

But now that leaves Laurie Dhue with very little time as a host. She has The FOX Report Sunday, and she’ll occassionally do FOX News Live Weekend, but that’s that. Though, she DOES do the news cut-ins on weekdays during primetime, so I guess she kinda has the most amount of eyeballs in cable news watching her everynight. So I guess she’ll be OK.

And there is still no pernmanent host for The Big Story Weekend. They keep alternating between Julie Banderas, Jamie Colby, and Megyn Kendall. Any one of them would make an excellent full-time host.

We’ll see what happens over the coming weeks and months on the weekend.

EDIT: Forgot to mention… The news broke over the web about FOX Magazine’s departure first at FOX News Channel Central, the same place where the news broke about After Hours on Friday. Good going, guys!


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