Talk TV to hit record low

File Under: TV Scoop

Most Americans consider shows such as Jerry Springer to be the lowest of all forms of television programming. It is one of the ugliest talk shows in American history. To capatilize on his success and fame, many others spun off similar talk shows, which remind us of just how naturally depraved mankind is.

Well, if 2 household names get there way, there will be another reminder next year.

Former morning chatfest talkers Kathie Lee Gifford and Donny Osmond are shopping around a daytime talk show. They are hoping to get a deal with a syndicator that will put them on the air by fall of 2006. Thankfully, one source says that the show is “only in discussions”, which hopefully means that there’s a chance that both parties can come to their senses before they can get this on the air.

Then again, considering that in some markets, they’d be up against Tyra Banks and Tony Danza, perhaps this shouldn’t be completely jolting. *sigh* (hat tip: TV Squad)


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