FOX News Eats the Dead

File Under: Eating Dead Things

No, no, you did read the headline correctly. Apparently, to coincide with the Tuesday night debut of FOX’s new show about a at-odds-with-each-other forensics duo, Bones, the FOX News Cafe is offering a selection of dishes relating to, well, the dead!

You could get a Cadaverous Combo, the Postmortem Pizza by the Slice is to die for, much more so than the Procedural Personal Pizza. The Coroner’s Combo is good as well. But don’t get me started on just how tasty those Skeleton Sandwhiches are!

And for the nieve amongst us, I did not make any of that up. Seriously. I’ll give the link, but be warned: That site is not for young eyes. I go because there is sometimes some genuine news to be had that I can’t find anywhere else, but sometimes, well, it can get a little dirty. The link is fine, don’t worry. But if you want to explore the site, well, expect the writers to use the full english vocabulary. (TDI uses the abridged, by what, 10 words? I don’t feel like doing the math, to be honest…)

The link to Tuesday’s FOX News Cafe menu. (while you’re there, check out what they did previously. Prison never looked so tasty!)


2 Responses to “FOX News Eats the Dead”

  1. Scarly...:D Says:

    hey, that sounds just wonderful!! definitely my kind of place!

  2. Erika Says:

    I watched bones 2nite n loved it!!

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