The Nancy Drew Movie

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Hey, remember when I said that blogging would be lighter after I started college? Heh.

Among the many, many book-to-movie adaptions that are taking place is a movie version of cultural icon Nancy Drew. Nancy Drew: The Mystery in Hollywood Hills will see the young Ms. Drew (typically about 16) traveling to LA with her father, only to stumble upon evidence about the death of a movie star, a investigation that has gone unsilved.

Warner Brothers is making the film, which made the 4 Drew films in the 1930’s. Andrew Fleming is set to direct. Emma Roberts, the star of Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous, will play Nancy. No date has been set for a release – shooting won’t even start until next year at the earliest. (source)


6 Responses to “The Nancy Drew Movie”

  1. Avik Says:

    great post….keep it up…Nancy Drew was my fav….

  2. Nate Says:

    I would like a post that describes where you study, what is your major, and what are your aspirations?


  3. Erika Says:

    Chuck aspires to write a great blog nate…i mean, OBVIOUSLY!!

  4. Scarly...:D Says:

    hey, nancy drew seemed like some really lame books to me. maybe the movie will be great. probably not though. im a pessimist.

  5. John W. Sikma Says:

    Nancy Drew is the best mang ( and she just got better)! Crazy go nuts, mang!

  6. Scarly...:D Says:

    mang? what are you puffing? (to steal the phrase from gordon)

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