By “popular” demand…

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Wow! People are interested in what I’m doing? I bring “the web to your fingertips”, and you want to know about me? I’m flattered! Here’s part of an exchange from TDI affiliates on the Nancy Drew post below:

Nate:I would like a post that describes where you study, what is your major, and what are your aspirations? Thanks!

Erika: Chuck aspires to write a great blog nate…i mean, OBVIOUSLY!!

Aspired to write a great blog? Boy, thanks for that vote of confidence, Erika! But we’ll let that go, and address what Nate is wondering about.

I am a freshman at Grand Rapids Community College, where I am working through a transfer program. I will get all my core classes at GRCC “cheap”, then transfer on over, probably to GVSU, to get my degree.

Currently, my major is in photography, but I might change that over to journalism. I’m trying to decide which will go farther. Now, ideally, I’ll be able to land a job as a photojournalist, so either degree would apply fairly well. Either degree would be going through GVSU’s School of Communications.

Where do I study, Nate? In my room, silly! Where I have a multitude of distractions. But it’s not that bad, really. I can focus myself pretty well, for an extremely short perioid of time!

This semester, I have: math, english, American government, and a photoshop class. I really like the professor in math, my english instructor has a very dry sense of humor, which I like. I enjoy the content of the American government class, and the instructor is actually a local government employee, so he brings a unique perspective to class. And photoshop? It looks like it will be easy credit.

So, there you have it. My first semester at college in a nutshell. Currently, I’m scheduled to post on it again when the semester is over. We’ll see how that goes.

Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, don’t expect much updates AT ALL. On Wednesday, I’m going from work to school, and on Thursday, from school to work. And at work, we have a popular special going on (Fried Chicken Dinner w/2 sides, $4.99), so if I write anything on Thursday night, it will probably be about how stingy dutch people are. Why wait 15-30 minutes for a chicken dinner, when you’re just saving 1 dollar? Time is money, and it’s NOT WORTH IT FOLKS! Seriously.

As long as I’m making personal announcements, around the middle of October, there may or may not be a sharp increase in blogging activity, as I am taking a weekend off from work, after having all of my wisdom teeth removed. And if you just said “ouch”, I’m gonna slap you. It doesn’t encourage me when I tell people and they’re like “oooh… OUCH!”. I can get the point by the fact that it’s surgery. Honestly!

Last time I had surgery, it was to remove an ingrown toenail. I was awake the entire time. If you said “ouch” to that as well, shaddup. Then again… Yeah, it did hurt. But I try to block the operation out of my psyche.

I would end this self-serving, bloated post on a photographical note, but alas, I’m going to kill Blogger’s photo uploader for being really, really stupid. (guy, there’s alot of rage coming out in my post! I hope it’s not contageous!)

UPDATE: Stupid, stupid blogger. Apparently, it DID upload the photo, but chose not to show it to me until I check in on my site away at school. Gggrr! Anyways, that’s TDI affiliate Evie on the left, then fellow blogger Pete, and myself. Funky, no?


7 Responses to “By “popular” demand…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    yea school of com!!

  2. notliberal Says:

    Fight the power! You know that if you get your wisdom teeth removed with them will go all your wisdom. See, I refuse to get mine removed which is why I’m so very wise. That and I’m smart enough not to have surgury to remove teeth. Ouch!

  3. Mark Says:

    Oh dear, this is almost too easy… I can’t do it, it’d be a cheap and hollow victory.

  4. Erika Says:

    VERY cool picture first of all chuck. I MEANT that u had a blog, and since that had been your aspiration, the obviuosly part was implying that it had happened. You PEOPLE, come ON!! u didn’t even go to plymouth, so theres NOT excuse for not understanding me!! I KNEW GVSU was in there somewhere, I’m not totally losing it!! My Bible teacher has a really dry sense of humor too…he CRACKS me up!! You have to be paying attention to get it sometimes, but since I’m *sigh* front and center normally I hear the comments. As far as stingy dutch people go…i can relate. NO ONE will donate to the buy Erika a car fund!! I mean, come ON!! Since I was strongly instructed not to say ouch wrt your wisdom teeth being out I won’t. Perhaps when ur under you can find the pot at the end of the rainbow…i hear its by the unicorns. and there IS a lot of rage coming out right now…maybe you should take some deep calming breaths. that usually helps.

  5. Petey Says:

    Wow, We were young back then.

  6. Smart Aleck Says:

    I think it might be because they didn’t understand you. Plymouth has an effect on the way you think, that non-Plymouth people have a hard time understanding

  7. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    Ha. Thats what they never realize. I know how they work……Great pic, chuck.

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