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There are 2 important notes about the FOX News realm:

1. DaySide w/Linda Vester is no more. Instead, it’s DaySide w/Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy. Or DaySide w/Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick. Anyway, the revamped show will debut on Monday, Sept. 19, and will be more of a “morning show”, and will focus on “different” stories. The type that may not be the top story of the day, but you may have seen it on the web, or may talk about it after you see it on DaySide.

Except that’s what they said when DaySide first debuted, and that’s kinda what they do now. Eh. Kudos to their PR department, at any rate.

But now this raises a whole new set of questions… In a little less than a year, Linda Vester will return from maternity leave. Where will she go? Will she join David Asman in the documentary unit? She did mention in an article that she is working on a special about two kids – I think they might be from the Sudan – and their journey. But don’t quote me on that!

Secondly, what is to become of FOX & Friends Weekend now? Jerrick and Huddy say they’ll co-host sporadically. But there need to be 2 new regular co-host there now. Do they “outsource”? Will they move Adam Housley and Gretchen Carlson to the morning? FOX, please stop creating gaps in your schedule! I’m sure there’s a master plan, and it’s not hurt your ratings yet, BUT… The hardcore cable news geeks want to know who’s on, and when, every week! (On that note… How’s the hunt for Rita Cosby’s replacement going?)

2. FOX News Radio has announced a new 3-hour program to it’s slate… The John Gibson Show. It will air from 6 to 9 pm ET. Here are the programs that FOX News Radio currently syndicates:
The Tony Snow Show, airing from 9 am ’till noon weekdays. (free audio streaming)
The Radio Factor w/Bill O’Reilly, airing from noon ’till 2 pm weekdays*
– The John Gibson Show, airing from 6 to 9 pm weekdays.**
The Alan Colmes Show, airing from 10 pm ’till 1 am weeknights.

* Currently with Westwood One. The switch-over plans are still being ironed out.
** Launch date currently unknown.


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