Ready for a Revolution?

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The Nintendo Revolution’s big idea was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show on Friday, and… the controller is a remote control! Well, more like a remote control-like device. Abandoning the years-old traditional controller, Nintendo is using a wireless unit that has internal sensors, which will be able to translate your wrist and hand movements to the onscreen actions. It has just a couple buttons on it’s own, but it has an expansion slot on the bottom of the controller, for addition add-ons. While the details and schematics of the device are still coming out and being processed, it sounds like a really nifty new device, and if it works out well, could very well revolutionize the game market. At least, as far as Nintendo is concerned. (source)

With a add-on joystick controller, a gamer can move the character around with the joystick in one hand, and use the Revolution controller in his right hand to point and aim in a first-person shooter. Additionally, the controller itself could be used as a weapon. Or even be used to guide and aim certian elements and characters in the game manually. This new controller opens up a whole new realm of creative possibilities.

TDI affiliate Blogapalooza has extensive analysis of the Revolution. It’s not just enhancing the game, via graphic updates… It’s changing the gameplay experiance. It is, in the gaming world, a revolution.


One Response to “Ready for a Revolution?”

  1. Erika Says:

    first person shooter games are BAAAAAD!! refer to my Media effects post for further info.

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