The Wonderful Gra-Ha-Ha

File Under: Short Story

Glu-Glu had sat down in the diner booth, and glanced over the menu. Suddenly, Gra-Ha-Ha strode up, and nudged Glu-Glu. “What can I get for ‘ya, hon?”
“Oh, just the burger with fries, thanks.”
“Sure thing! I’ll make sure they get the order out to you in record time!” she beamed. Glu-Glu laughed. “It’s OK if they can’t, I’m not in a hurry.”
“Oh, hon, I am going to impress you soo much, you won’t believe it!”

With a wink, the Gra-Ha-Ha sped off for the kitchen. And in a flash, she was back with the food! “Impressed, aren’t ‘ya?” she smiled, as if it were the proudest moment of her life. “Yes, it’s very nice, thank you.” Glu-Glu replied.
“I’m single, you know.” Gra-Ha-Ha smiled. “Really?” Glu-Glu chuckled. He was amsed by the spectacle she was making of herself. Even the other patrons were paying attention to Gra-Ha-Ha.
“I can juggle many orders at once!” she suddenly exclaimed. “Really?” Glu-Glu laughed.
“No, really, I can juggle orders!”

In a dash, Gra-Ha-Ha ran back to the kitchen, and promptly returned with 3 trays in her hand, each one with food on it. “Watch me and be impressed. I’m single, by the way!”She gave him one last wink, then proceeded to juggle the trays.

Well, as you can imagine, it wasn’t long before items began to fly all over. And if there’s one thing you want to do before you juggle a few trays of orders, you want to make sure there’s no silverware on the trays. Especially sharp steak knifes. A knife landed in her arm. The Gra-Ha-Ha yelped in pain, tossing the trays upwards with such strength, that they broke through the ceiling, and went up higher, and higher, and were out of sight!

As we all know, what goes up must come down, right? And it’s easier to gain speed going down than going up, right? The trays started to fall down, faster and faster, reaching speeds that restaurant trays have never reached before. KERSPLAT! To add insult to injury (or, rather, injury to injury), the Gra-Ha-Ha was smushed underneath the trays.

Once the paramedics arrived, Glu-Glu ate his burger and fries, and left the diner. He got in his car, and started to drive home.


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