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This is just breaking… A helicopter has crashed in Mexico City, carrying a Mexican Cabinet minister aboard. There were no survivors.

Also breaking the wires, A Jet Blue flight, with 145 people aboard, will make a “soft landing”, after it’s landing gear became jammed. The Airbus 320 took off at 6:17 pm EDT, but turned around after the gear didn’t raise, and is apparently twisted. The plane, which is about the size of a Boeing 737, began dumping fuel in the Pacific Ocean, in preperation for the soft landing. One emergancy landing attempt at Long Beach airport failed.
UPDATE: Since I posted this story on break during studies, the plane has landed safely on a LAX runway.

Elsewhere, Hurricane Rita has become an apocolyptic Category FIVE. And it’s swirling towards the Galveston, Texas area.


2 Responses to “Breaking News(s)”

  1. Erika Says:

    Prayers out to Galveston!!

  2. notliberal Says:

    That JetBlue plane thing was the lamest piece of 24 hour news I’ve ever seen. They’re screaching about how horrible it’s going to be, what will the pilot do, the flames and horror of it all. Yack yack yack. There was never anything to worry about because those planes are designed to handle a landing like that. The pilots were well trained and knew how to handle such a situation. Yet FoxNews and company tried to work everyone into a tizzy over this. I found it all so meaningless.

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