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Time for for various odd’s and end’s that I found on the web:

– The trailer is up for the theatrical version of The Producers. (link)
– Even NON-Alias fans have heard rumors of a key character being killed off. Creator J.J. Abrams basically says chill, dog!, in a Randy Jackson voice. Or maybe I came up with that last part. Anyway, if you don’t mind spoilers about who may or may not be dying, and who may or may not stay dead, click the link for more info. (link)
– The season premiere of Desperate Housewives is on Sunday night. So why are they still filming the first episode? To keep a brief scene, that is “integral to the mysteries of the program” secret. Since it’s still being worked on, the premiere will not be screened for critics prior to it’s airing. Bloody clever, ABC! (link)
– ABC Family has picked up reruns of Everwood, and will most likely pair it with Smallville, the latter of which has been a ratings wonder for the network, along with repeats of Gilmore Girls. Original series Wildfire has been renewed, while Beautiful People is still waiting for a final decision. It also picked up 21 movies, including Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, City of Angels, Scooby-Doo, and The American President. (link)
– The syndicated newsmagazine A Current Affair has been cancelled. On FOX-owned stations, a new program hosted by FOX News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera will air in it’s place. Geraldo at Large will combine “strong news reporting” and the “delivery of comprehensive information” to the viewer. Geraldo at Large is described as a “strong complement” to local newscasts. Current will go off the end of October. (link)
– What does Martha Stewart say when she gets rid of her guest on her reality TV show? Goodbye. And then is advised why he didn’t fit. Then is sent a nice note. NO JOKE!!! (link)

Finally, is comedy BACK? Two new light-hearted programs, My Name is Earl and How I Met Your Mother have done extremely well in the ratings for their first airing this week. How I Met Your Mother, which airs Mondays at 8:30, had 10.9 million viewers on it’s debut night. That was more than lead in King of Queens, which had 10.7 million.

My Name is Earl, which airs on NBC at 9 pm on Tuesday nights, had 14.9 million viewers. is described as kind of the “high brow comedy” that fans of Seinfield and Frasier would enjoy. I have seen neither of these new programs, so I cannot testify to their quality. But I have read some rave reviews for them.

On FOX, their 8 pm show, Arrested Development got 4.6 million viewers, which is a dissapointment to the network. But that show survives on it’s cult following, not on the ratings. Lead-out Kitchen Confidential, which wasn’t half as bad as I expected, got 4.3 million viewers. At 9, FOX’s Bones more than doubled the audience, with 10.8 million viewers.


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