Hello, World

File Under: Talk for Cheap!

As regular TDI readers know, I do alot of advertising for different companies for absolutely free. I bring the message to you, the consumer, while the companies don’t have to spend additional money to advertise in this tiny section of the web.

Well, I’m going to advertise a product. One might even call it an endorsement. The product is called Skype. You download the service, plug in your computer’s microphone, and you’re good to go. Good for what, you ask?

What Skype does is that it allows YOU and over Skype members to talk to each other, like AIMTalk, a regular phone, whatever, for absolutely free. And the quality of the sound is ASTOUNDING.

Additionally, if you pay money, you can use your Skpye phone to call OUT to regular phone numbers. Or, if you pay for a different service, you get a phone number, so people can call YOU on YOUR PC. (CAPITIALIZATION IS IN, FOLKS)

How is it different than a regular phone? Well, for one thing, your entire computer is now a phone. And yes, your PC has to be on in order to take phone calls, or even voicemails, if I read the FAQ’s correctly.

Anyways, I’m on Skype, and a few other TDI Affiliates and commentators are as well. If you want to chat with me, that’s great. My screen name is eChuckler. But if I see a screen name that I don’t necessarily reckognize, and I don’t feel like talking to random weirdos, I *might* cancell the call, or maybe not. Depends on my mood.

If anybody wants to call ME, e-mail me, and I can give you my PC phone number. If you ever have a question, just ask the Director himself. Am I making myself open to weirdo’s by announcing all this over the web? Well, yes. That’s why I’m only giving out the PC # via e-mail. It’s a screening process, soley for my own safety and well-being. My sanity is streached thin enough! Imagine if I get all these prank calls on my computer!

But if you’re on Skype already, then it’s all OK. We can chat for free, no problem.

The world of communications is waiting for you, and it’s free. What’s not to love?


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