“The Shep Video”

File Under: On a Lighter Note…

While Rita was a very, very dangerous storm, and it’s economic damage will be in the billions, there is one video being linked to everywhere, being e-mailed constantly, that might make you chuckle a bit at one reporter’s expense.

Shepard Smith of the FOX News Channel was out in the middle of the storm, doing the “human sacrifice” reports from the outdoors, when he found out that the winds may be just a little too strong for him. Click here to see the video.


2 Responses to ““The Shep Video””

  1. Janna Says:

    Poor Shep… I find it funny that the cameraman found it nescesary to follow Shep all over that parking lot, and then to slightly zoom in when he fell. I enjoyed this hugely. Good times, almost as good as whatshisname whose pants kept falling down in that other hurricane. I watch too much TV…

  2. eChuckler Says:

    That was Jeff Goldblatt, during Hurricane Isabel. Hehehe…

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