The Year in Review

File Under: The 2005 Retrsospect

The year is about 3/4’s of the way done, which means it’s close enough to the end of the year to do a “10 ten stories of 2005” list! When it’s the actual end of the year, TDI will compile a new list, and compare it to this one. We’ll see what stories remain, which move up, move down, and what else might make the list. Here now, the preliminary 10 top ten news stories of 2005:

10. Celebrity Trials – It was the case with no clear-cut good guys: The Michael Jackson case. Ultimately, Jackson was found not guilty of the charges levied against him. Martha Stewart was charged with a crime, and served out her sentance famously. She lost one TV show, but gained 2 more. And the Robert Blake case continues to go on. The impact that these trials had on the watercooler’s of American society is undeniable. They make TDI’s number ten.

9. Nuclear Standoff – Will they, or won’t they? Or maybe they already do? Tensions with North Korea and Iran are still as tense as they were then they made everybody’s lists in 2004. And with no clear end in sight, it looks like Cold War II may continue for quite some time.

8. Return to Space – America embraced the stars again, launching the first space shuttle flight since the terrible Columbia tragedy. As the Discovery soared, so did our hopes – and our fears. With nervous anticipation, Americans watched as the shuttle entered the atmosphere. When the shuttle landed without incident, America breathed a sigh of relief.

7. The Middle-East – As Palestine struggles to create a new leadership in the wake of Yasser Arafat’s death, Israel pulled out all Israeli’s from their settlements in the Gaza Strip. But the road map to peace struck many potholes, and has even taken a few detours; Israel is now launching a massive offensive against Hamas, in retaliation for attacks.

6. Tsunami – On December 26, 2004, a powerful Tsunami hit Indonesia. The aftermath, the images of destruction, and the wave of aid and support, continued to flood our TV screens for months to come. It was the story that grew bigger and bigger by each day. And it’s number five on our list.

5. The War on Terror
– From Afghanistan to Iraq, the battle rages on. And with any long war, the battle to win hearts and minds back home becomes a difficult one. Iraq quickly formed and adopted a constitution, and a senior al-Qaeda leader was killed in Iraq. Though it may be easy to see the deaths of servicement and become depressed, not even the protest of Cindy Sheehan can take away from the success stories in the war on terror.

4. The Supreme Court – It was the retirement that shook the political world: Sandra Day O’Connor announced that she would step down from her powerful post. John Roberts was nominated to fill that void, until Chief Rehnquist passed away. After fiesty confirmation hearings, Roberts was confirmed as Chief Justice. With one more vacancy, the battle over the court rages on.

3. The Death of a Pope – When John Paul II was on his death bed, the whole world watched. People of all faiths and religions mourned and honored the leader of the Roman Catholic church. It was his legacy that we all honored. And the world waited with anticipation as the next Pope was named. This makes number three on our list.

2. The 7/7 Attacks – It was unexpected, and deadly. When suicide bombers detonated busses in London during rush hour, the world was sent another chilly reminder that terrorist are still a very real and deadly threat.

1. Hurricane Katrina – TDI predicted that it would be the story of the year, and so far, it looks like it very well may be. With a devestation radius that is almost equal to all of Great Britian, the Gulf Coast will still be recovering for years to come.


2 Responses to “The Year in Review”

  1. Janna Says:

    Good list… where on earth did you get the idea to make one? 🙂

  2. Erika Says:

    I like it…pretty accurate I think.

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