TDI In Need

File Under: Personal Announcement

Normally, I try not to be too region-specific. Every now and then, I’ll do a NewsWire for my hometown, Grand Rapids, MI. But I try to keep it broad, since there are readers from all across this great nation of ours.

But right now, I need the help of my readers in the Grand Rapids, MI area: I may need a new vehicle.

I drive a old minivan, and it has been faithful for quite a long while. And when I bring it into the shop to get a diagnosis of recent problems, I am not expecting a full recovery. Well, I’m sure eventually my bank account would recover, but that’s besides the point.

So if TDI’s local viewers could keep an eye out for fairly cheap and reasonable cars/minivans, that would be greatly appreciated. Drop me an e-mail (or use the drop box, if it’s easier), and let me know what you’ve found.

I will truely appreciate any information that you guys can pass along. Especially when juggling work and college, being without a car may/will be a major headache! (thankfully, if no other family cars are avaliable, I can take public transportation to school, and I can leave earlier for work, and just walk, and get my exercise in that way.)

It’s time to find the TDI Director some new wheel’s!


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