Fifteen Minutes for 10-4

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Time to declare Fifteen Minutes a TDI signature. Why? Because we need a signature, that’s why! I’ll probably be changing the logo, though. It’s not that easy starting up a new era on a site like this. But I’m very excited by the addition of the graphics, and I’m really going to enjoy the new Fifteen Minutes column. With enough said about me, let’s go on to the important people:

Suddenly, my whole world has been turned upside down. Word was that film studio’s passed on the script for the movie adaption of video game behemoth Halo, because the script completely sucked. It was eventually picked up, but between two companies. It sounds so far like it’ll just be another blah video game movie, right? Well, maybe NOT. They’re getting Peter Jackson to help out with the movie. I know! It now stands a chance of maybe being, oh, I don’t know, an Oscar contender!! Jackson and his wife, Fran Walsh, will serve as the executive producers for Halo. Jackson will not direct the movie, which is described as more complex than the “thriller” movie adaption of Doom, which has people running from point A to point B, dying one by one along the way. Seriously, the script was a stinker, but now PETER JACKSON is on the helm? I’m confused. (source)

The executives over at FOX were probably pretty confused as well when they they heard that the cast of one of their programs was going to pay for something they turned down. British comedy superstar Ricky Gervais wanted to play a cameo in the cult classic Arrested Development, but producers refused to pay for him to fly over from Britian. The cast was upset by the news, so the cast got together, and to quote actor Jason Bateman, “Why don’t we pay for it out of our pockets?” As soon as the studio heard that they were going to do it, FOX decided to pay for the ticket after all. (source)

On ABC’s hit show Desperate Housewives, there was a very shocking accident this past Sunday: Teri Hatcher backed into roller-blading Nicolette Sheridan! But 175,000 fans in LA, watching KABC, had heard the aftermath a little differently than most people…. They heard it in Spanish. The 50-minute glitch prompted quite the number of complaints. Apparently, an equipment failure led to the signal picking up the secondary audio channel. It is, in part, due to the recent fires, which messed the signals up. Oh, those desperate housewives, running each other over and speaking in tongues! (source)

Did you notice that two of the biggest mysteries this season have been on ABC? And they both involve going down? On Lost, the principle characters are, one by one, going down the mysterious hatch to meet Desmond. (That’s DEsMONd to you! And no, that’s not a coincidence. The other island’s mystery man was Ethan Rom, which when re-arranged, spelled “Other Man”) And on Desperate Housewives, the newcomers to the neighborhood have someone chained up in their basement, though we don’t know who, or why. “Descending” appears to be the new mystery buzzword!

On Thursday, NBC will have a different kind of Late Night show. Conan O’Brian is turning his entire program that night into “U2 Night”. Producers say that it is such a rare oppertunity to get U2 to perform, that they’re letting them be on for the entire hour, to make it “feel enough like an event for them to do the show”. The band will play three songs, and then Conan will interview the band. This is just another example of what great lengths Bono will go through to save the world. (source)

Finally, they’re actually casting Indiana Jones 4. 19-year old model Laura Dutta has landed a small role opposite Harrison Ford. However, she will not play the female lead. What role she will play is unknown. Sean Connery is returning to the franchise, and the female leads from the past Indy movies may appear as well. (source)

That does it for the October 4 edition of Fifteen Minutes (in Delta-Vision). Enjoy the rest of your day, and have a good tommorow.


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