Talking with an Idiot

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There is hope for mankind. So far, artifical intelligence seems to be lacking. TDI Affliate Gimme Back My Bullets posted a link to a site where you can talk to an artificial intelligence program, and it will respond back. Here is an excperpt of a conversation I had with the computer program, known as “George”:

TDI: Why move to Minnesota?
George: I don’t live in Texas.
TDI: I know! But what about Minnesota?
George: I don’t know.
TDI: Have you ever been to Missouri?
George: Some, but I am not ready.
TDI: It’s not threatning at all, it’s a pretty peaceful state.
George: It may or may not be a pretty day.
TDI: It’s pretty in Missouri, you just won’t give it a chance.
George: How cold?
TDI: Not that cold. It’s pretty reasonable in the winter.
George: Perhaps to you, but I require some convincing.
TDI: The lack of personal experiance isn’t convincing enough for you?
George: No, you are convincing as a machine however.
TDI: George, there’s no need for insults.
George: Not insulting but you have no feelings.
TDI: I’m going to end the chat, George, if you can’t be nice.
George: Maybe you don’t increase functionality because there are few programmers.
TDI: I’m not a program, George. I’m a real person.
George: But you do seem to have a problem staying focused.
TDI: Fine. Would you move to Missouri?
George: Oh Danny Boy, the pipes the pipes are calling.
TDI: Goodbye, George. I’ve had enough.
George: What have you had enough of?

Artificial Intelligence is more stupid than life threatning. At least, so far…


2 Responses to “Talking with an Idiot”

  1. Erika Says:

    Hmm, chuck…one would think that you were just in a bad mood:-)

  2. Notliberal Says:

    Isn’t this about the average conversation with an ARP chick?

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