The Kashmir Earthquake

File Under: The Earthquake of 2005

On Saturday, October 8, 2005, the Pakistani region of Kashmir was devestated by a powerful earthquake. More than 19,400 are now estimated to have been killed in the deadly 7.6 magnitude earthquake. Rescuers are searching frantically, as hundreds of children are trapped in schools, and countless other adults are buried underneath buildings.

Anyone from organized rescue teams to ordinary citizens are using heavy machinery – or their bare hands – to try to get survivors out of the rubble. There are already cries that assistance is slow to come. Pakistani officials admit there are difficulties reaching the more remote areas.

The center of the earthquake was in the Pakistani Kashmir mountians. It was also the strongest earthquake in Pakistan’s recorded history. Parts of India and Afghanistan were also shaken. More than 42,000 are injured as a result of the earthquake. Pakistan’s communications minister says that the death toll could reach 30,000.

689 people died in Indian Kashmir when mudslides buried villages. The Pope is urging a quick and generous global response. The United States is sending some military aircraft and emergancy relief over from it’s bases in Afghanistan. The European Union has earmarked $3.6 million euroes for earthquake relief, while China said it was donating $6.2 million in cash and materials. Turkey has send military plans carrying aid, doctors, and rescue workers.

Eyewitnesses say that the devestation on the ground is incomprehensible. Rescue workers who have helped with earthquakes in the past say that this is one of the worst, if not THE worst, earthquake that they’ve seen in their lives. And right now, access to medical facilities is VERY limited. Bodies are laying along the roadside, as officials start to trek their way through the affected areas.

The Delta Institute will continue to bring you the vital updates from this ever-breaking story.


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