ABC is Lazy

File Under: Annoyances

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard that Jennifer Garner is pregnant. (just like the author of a certian TDI affiliate!) And yes, she looks pregnant. And it’s effecting the way they do things on her show, Alias. (great season so far, BTW.)

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to skip out on the promotional photo’s! This season, they’ve done promo photo’s for the 3 new characters, and that’s it. They release a new group photo, and all the regular cast were photoshopped in from the PAST SEASON’S photoshoot. They didn’t even do a good job, either. You can TELL that they’ve been photoshopped.

If you make a big deal about Sydney Bristow being pregnant, advertise it in the commercials, and make it a driving force on the show itself, and when the behinds-the-scenes folk on the show are saying how “sexy pregnant women are”, why don’t they want a photo of a pregnant Jennifer Garner?

I mean, they could do a face shot at least for all the characters.

Click here to see the NEW group photo.
Click here to see the character promo’s from last season.
*WARNING* Don’t explore the photo galleries for Season 5 if you don’t want spoilers. SERIOUSLY.

If they don’t want a pregnant Jen Garner on the DVD box sets, fine. Whatever. But have her in the middle, surrounding by everyone else, or SOMETHING. Recycling last year’s photo shoot just looks CHEAP.

*whew* My rant’s over now. Just a fair word of warnings, this upcoming weekend, blogging will either be non-existant, or there will be an ABUNDANCE of post. Like, NewsWire’s galore! I’ll explain why later on this week.


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