Reason for Crankiness

File Under: Personal Announcement

Perhaps on Friday, and more than likely on Saturday and Sunday, expect a bunch of post… I’ll be at home recooping after having all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled. Please don’t say “ouch!”. It honestly doesn’t help my deligate, fragile psyche. One more “ouch!”, and I’ll snap, and whoever is responsible for making me snap WILL be the first victim….

Expect the triumphant return of The Delta NewsWire, along with other pain-killer-induced posts. If somethings wrong, like, “Bush talked flew home terrorism bad meeting”, it’s the drugs, OK?

Following a light week in terms of blog post, expect a very busy weekend!
My next blog post will be after I’ve had the surgery. (not immediately after… Maybe, like, 10 hours later, or whenever.)


4 Responses to “Reason for Crankiness”

  1. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    aww… poor shnookie…..
    (read with a russian accent)

  2. Gracie Says:

    I have yet to experience the horrors of having my wisdom teeth pulled. Ouch.

  3. James w. Lanning Says:


  4. Says:

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