Personal Announcement

File Under: Personal Announcement

My lower half of my face is swollen, and feels about four times bigger than it actually is… I’m on pain killers, and I’ve watched about 7 episodes of Lost on DVD today. Didn’t feel like typing today… Hopefully, on Saturday. And hopefully, my tongue and lower lip won’t be numb and all big and stuff, so I can eat more than pudding. (oh, but pudding is sooo good!)

Also, today, I couldn’t really talk, dispite best efforts by some to engage in conversation. I CAN’T TALK, my eyes screamed. And I grunted it, too. Lots and lots of grunting today. (how are you feeling? Mmmm-mmm. Does it hurt? Mmmm-mmm.) It’s funny, for everyone else. And I’m on pain killers. Should be some great blog posts in the next couple of days…

SATURDAY UPDATE: I’m doing better. I don’t have gauze wadded up in the back of my mouth anymore, so that’s more comfortable. Also, the numbness went away in my lower jaw and chin, and in my tongue. I was able to eat food today! Macaroni and Cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy, slim fast…. Yum! Also, the swelling is starting to go down.

The vicodin that I’m on (technically, Hydrocodone) makes me a bit nausious, and a bit dizzy at points. But it’s not overwhelming…. yet! Bwahahahahahaha….


One Response to “Personal Announcement”

  1. Erika Says:

    Ugh, most un fun dudes!! I’ll be thinking of you in the next couple days.

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