Clint & Zombies

File Under: Free PR

Do you go to Cinematical? It’s a constantly-updated movie blog, with news, reviews, information, and buzz. Here are two cool items that were posting on Cinematical recently:

– Clint Eastwood’s upcoming WWII movie, Flag of Our Fathers, has split into two movies. The Iwo Jima epic will depict the American perspective in the film called Flags, while the Japanese perspective will be told in the tenatively titled Lamps (or Lambs) Before the Wind. The films will be released simultaneously in fall, 2006. TDI thinks this is bloody clever, but kind of forsees the “Yanks Beat Japs” headlines for the box office returns as being annoying… (read)

– A women by the name of Hannah is obsessed with the horror movie Dawn of the Dead. OBSESSED. She also loves to knit. The result? Knitted zombies, complete with yarn blood! Click here to read the story, or click here to go directly to the zombie photo gallery.

Two spiffy entertainment items, and I didn’t save them for a Fifteen Minutes column? What’s up with that? (I’d blame the pain killers.)


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