Terror Plot: Thwarted

File Under: International News

Police in Copenhagen, Denmark have arrested four Danish Muslims on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist group planning a suicide attack in Europe. All the suspects are male, and between 16 to 20 years in age. The suspects are ordered held in jail while the police investigate the allegations. Officials didn’t go into much detail, but did say this: “It seems the plan was going into a closing phase.” The suspects were not identified to the public.

Police say they raided the suspects homes in the Copenhagen area, seizing computers, CD’s, cell phones, and books with radical Muslim literature. Some 25 people were briefly detained, but only these 4 suspects were ultimately arrested. Media reports link the Copenhagen investigation to a inquery in the Balkans, where arrest were made this month and large quantities of explosives were found. Three people were arrested in Bosnia, in relation to that case.


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