The News about the News

It’s a major shakeup over at Cable Network News (CNN), as network star Aaron Brown is leaving/being fired from the #2 cable news provider. Starting Monday, November 7, Anderson Cooper will anchor a 2-hour edition of Anderson Cooper 360°, starting at 10 pm. Filling Cooper’s vacancy at 7 is Wolf Blitzer, who will host an additional hour of The Situation Room. Live From w/Kyra Phillips will extend into the 3 pm hour starting Monday.

Also starting Monday will be the NBC Nightly News Netcast. Beginning at 10 pm ET, you can go to and watch the most recent edition of The Nightly News w/Brian Williams. Quoting the press release, it is the “first and only network newscast to be broadcast as is, in its entirety and free of charge, online exclusively at” TVNewser reports that it may just be the beginning… Netcasts of The Today Show and Meet the Press are also possible.

Elsewhere… Syndication is a very tough market to break into, and a new genre in syndication is an even tougher sell. A spinoff from a FOX News program, Geraldo at Large, fared just slightly better than the cancelled A Current Affair that it replaced in it’s first airing on Monday, garnering an average 2.6 rating. The show currently airs in just 32 markets. However, TDI will let the show air for, oh, maybe A WEEK or two before making up our mind on whether it’s a failure or not. Besides, we love the show’s new team blog!

And that’s just some of the news about the news going on this week.


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