Terror Attack Kills 67

Violence struck Amman, Jordan today as multiple bombs ripped through hotels, leaving 67 dead and more than 300 injured. The attacks were carried out by homicide bombers. One went into a wedding a the Radisson SAS, one went into the lobby of the Grand Hyatt and the third, in a car, drove into the Days Inn. Jordan’s King Abdullah II cut short his visit to Kazakhstan to return home. The King said that the attacks “would not dissuade Jordan from persuing its role in fighting terrorism and the criminal terrorist groups and those who are behind them and justify their acts.”

The American White House issued a statement, saying: “Jordan is a close friend of the United States, and we will offer every possible form of cooperation in investigating these attacks and assisting in efforts to bring these terrorists to justice.” The FBI syas that if they’re requested to help out, they’re “ready to go.”

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda’s Iraq wing, and a rising star member of the group, is a top suspect in the attacks. Palestinian Hamas is also a suspect. Jordan is an ally of Israel, the enemy of Hamas. The hotel Raddison is also very popular with Israeli tourist. A preliminary investigation showed that the explosives didn’t appear to be very sophisticated.

TDI Story Tracker: The Jordan Times, Topix.net Jordan, Jordan Daily, Yahoo! NewsWire

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