Walk The Line Oddness

I was walking through my friendly neighborhood mall complex recently, and I was greeted by numerous posters for the upcoming film, Walk the Line. And there is one poster in particular which I realized that if I added a bottle of cologne or perfume, it would look completely appropriate. You can view the original poster by clicking here. Actually, all three of the black-and-white posters for this film would work as perfume or cologne ads. They’re beautiful posters (with beautiful people! Or, with a beautiful woman!), but do you think movie when you see them?

Modified by TDI

2 Responses to “Walk The Line Oddness”

  1. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    Reese W. looks odd as a brunette.

  2. Erika Says:

    She’s still pretty though. And it DOES look a lot like a cologne ad, ur totally right chuck!!

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