It’s here!

Folks, this is now officially, again, the most-active tropical season ON RECORD. A depression has gained enough strength to be named Tropical Storm Gamma, the third storm to have to have been named using the Greek alphabet. The storm will probably hit parts of Mexico, then turn and hit Cuba, and by then it *should* break apart, and the remains will go into Florida. TDI will bring you updates as warranted.

TDI Story Tracker: National Hurricane Center, AccuWeather: Hurricanes, Gamma NewsSearch, Weather Underground

2 Responses to “It’s here!”

  1. Grace Says:

    That would be so cool if it hit Florida!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You DO know that it’s the government making all these storms happen, right? They’ve figured out how to make a weather controlling machine. Beware! Offend the government and your house/neighborhood/town just might be taken off the globe through some “freak” of nature.

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