Box Office Results: 11/25-11/27

Welcome to At The Box Office, TDI’s weekly look at what American’s saw at cineplexes across the great plains. (At The Box Office was previously known as Box Office Results) Harry Potter remains a powerful force, as muggles payed out an estimated $54.9 million to see his fourth film. Newcomer The Ice Harvest didn’t even make the top 10, debuting in 11th place with $3,744,000 in returns. And R&B crooner Usher may be the hot ticket on the charts, but his golden touch doesn’t translate to the big screen… His acting debut in In the Mix opened at number 10.

At The Box Office for November 25 – 27, 2005

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, $54,905,000
2. Walk the Line, $19,700,000
3. Yours, Mine and Ours, $17,475,000
4. Chicken Little, $12,421,000
5. Rent, $10,700,000
6. Just Friends, $9,275,000
7. Pride and Prejudice, $7,027,000
8. Zathura, $4,900,000
9. Derailed, $4,717,000
10. In the Mix, $4,475,000

Total Box Office Intake: $145,595,000
Intake from New Releases: $41,925,000


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