Another Clue

Here’s one more clue on the mystery thing, then I’m going to be quiet on it until somebody gets it, which may never happen. (I hope not!) When dechipered, it’s the SAME THING as the other graphic. So if you’re still thinking “train+gift+information=benevolant train informant”, well, this officially put’s that school of thought to rest. Try thinking, how did he get those characters? Remember, BOTH images translate to the SAME THING. Three characters each. I hope you enjoy this addition of riddlers to TDI! Hehe…
Oh, just ’cause I don’t feel like throwing up another full-fledged post on the subject, Hurricane Epsilon still exist, but is *expected* to weaken during Monday. Of course, it was supposed to weaken this weekend, and instead peaked at 85 mph. But it’s back down to 75 mph. Epsilon… Man, after this year, I don’t think that’s a name any readers here will forget!


One Response to “Another Clue”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Diamond marrow..?

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