Congratulations to a portion of my family who found this easter-egg-of-a-blog. And big props to the Blogapalooza editor who figured out the “e” in “tei”. The grand unveiling of Epsilon will probably happen at the end of this week. So enjoy basking in this secrecy for now! 🙂

You know what I just realized? Since Epsilon is more of a layed-back blog, with more of a personal touch, I’m going to need to make a whole new batch of graphics. I mean, for TDI, I needed to make stuff like “news”, “Canada”, “crime”, “countries that might blow up”, and the like. But do I have stuff like “laugh”, “silly thought”, “random photo”, or “laugh at those who can’t figure out an insanely difficult puzzle over at TDI”? Noooo… So, I’ll have to get working on all of that at some point. W00t, that sounds like fun!!


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