The Rumblings of a Volcano

Forget the continually rumbling Mount St. Helens… Keep your eyes on Mt. Manaro! The crater has begun tossing out ash on November 27, and has continued to release a large plume of steam. The volcano rest on the Vanuatu island of Ambae. Five thousand villagers living in the shadow of Manaro have been evacuated, in anticipation of an imminent explosion.

Experts say that the lakebed is in danger of being torn open by the trembling mountain, causing a “gigantic” explosion as the water hit the magma. The lake is also being forced up toward the rim of the volcano, which could also spark mud slides as well.

The 5,000 villagers ordered evacuated were instructed to move to the island’s coast. Ambae has a estimated total of 10,000 residents. Vanuatu, which claims 83 islands to its name, all of which are in a sort of a Y-shaped formation, is about 1,400 miles NE of Sydney, Australia.

TDI Story Tracker: Port Vila Press, Vanuatu, Vanuatu News Blog, InsideOceania: Vanuatu, Yahoo! Vanuatu NewsSearch

One Response to “The Rumblings of a Volcano”

  1. Mark Says:

    I don’t know,
    I don’t know,
    I don’t know where I’m a gonna go,
    When the volcano blow.

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