The Mystery Revealed!

I have been rather cryptic about something this past week, haven’t I? Something, I’ve said, that will change the future of The Delta Institute. But what on earth could that thing be? Well, the big suprise is: actually, let’s do a quick look at the evidence I gave you first, then reveal “tei”.

– Last week Saturday, I posted a note, just giving a quick personal update, which is something I rarely do here on TDI anymore. That should have sent off a flag right away! I also posted a graphic, which had three strange characters on it.
– On Sunday,
I posted another clue. This one had an even bigger graphic, with three characters again. They were different, but still three. At the end of the post, I gave a “update” on Hurricane Epsilon. I ended the post with: “Epsilon… Man, after this year, I don’t think that’s a name any readers here will forget!”
– Monday, I posted another clue. I told you (more or less) that one of the graphics was done in Wingdings, lower-case only. I also re-stated that the middle letter is not a typo.
– Thursday, I posted what the 3 characters translated to: “tei”, or, “TEI”. I state that it will drastically affect TDI.

People guessed The Evil Institute, The Erika Institute, but TDI affiliate Nate was the first non-family member to figure out what TEI stood for: The Epsilon Institute.

Yes, TDI now has another blog! And it’s been around for about a week now. Click on over, I have more information on how this will affect TDI there. I’m really excited about the possibilities, and the flexibilities I’ll have now. Plus, if you ever have a question about a post, feature, or something in general here at TDI, I can give you the behind-the-scenes scoop over at Epsilon! So, to those who have helped to keep my secret (thanks, guys!), Epsilon is now LIVE and ready for the general public!


One Response to “The Mystery Revealed!”

  1. Nate Says:

    It looks as though 4 years of Greek has finally paid off!!!

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