Welcome to TEI!

Welcome to the next grand experiment in the Institute brand, The Epsilon Institute. Here, I might discuss something that I posted over at TDI. Maybe here at Epsilon, I’ll actually give my opinion on news articles. (well, in my mind, my opinion doesn’t really come across in my news post… sorry, got side-tracked there!)

Here, I’ll also post photographs, actually post personal stuff, like a blog, and I’ll work to develop a few new features for TEI. One thing that we’re going to steal from Delta is the Glu-Glu stories. So, welcome to the newest member of the Institute family, Epsilon! And a big welcome to you as well! Without readers, there’d be no reason to continue. So, thanks for your continued viewership, and I hope you enjoy this “bonus blog”! ^_^


2 Responses to “Welcome to TEI!”

  1. Erika Says:

    Weehoo!! I vote we still call it the Erika Institute just cuz that’d be so fun!!

  2. RaptorNine Says:

    Yay! Another Chuckler blog for me to read!

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