Delays, delays

Well, as it turns out, I don’t *exactly* know what to put up on the TEI information bar. So that chore might be a great work-in-progress. Over at Delta, I hope to get the mailbag segment organized sooner, rather than later. I think you’ll really enjoy the mailbag itself, and the super-special “innovation”.

*sigh* I’ve typed the last words I’ll have to type for my American Government class. My Photoshop class should finish up this upcoming Monday, and I should be done fairly early, freeing me to do a photo shoot in downtown Grand Rapids that got postponed, due to cruddy weather. And my English class, by it’s nature, will always have stuff to write, but that’s OK: I like writing. Well, typing, actually. I hate writing. Plus, my penmanship is alot better on the computer! ^_^

Tell you what… In the next day or two, I’ll try debuting a new feature here at Epsilon. And if it’s not good, you get your money back, guaranteed!


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