A Solemn Thought

Grand Rapids, Michigan may not make national headlines that often. But there will come a day, a sad day, when Grand Rapids will become the immediate focus of news networks and for many Americans. Though he was never elected, and defeated in an election, President Gerald R. Ford still served our nation, and took the helm of the White House in the middle of an ugly political whirlwind.

Someday, this museum will be the backdrop for every report and telecast for news networks. But for now, it’s part of a special photo spread that The Epsilon Institute took very recently. Hop on over and take a look, and take a glance at the city that will someday be the focus of at least the cable networks, the city Gerald R. Ford will be buried at. (By the way, we don’t want to give the wrong impression about his health status or start any rumors… He is still very much alive!)


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