Movie Watch: American Dreamz

Basically, “Movie Watch” will be a feature that will tell you that I’ve watch a certian trailer for an upcoming film. I know, it sounds riveting! Well, the feature may not be, but the trailer is. American Dreamz is a film about an American Idol-like talent show. But the host wants something different than screaming blondes, so he gets an Arab on the show. Elsewhere, the dimwit President has secluded himself in the White House for weeks, so to prove that he’s still in touch with the American people, he appears as a guest judge on this show! But there’s also a terror plot involved with his appearance!

It’s a really weird, clever premise for a movie. You can watch the trailer by clicking here. Stars Jennifer Coolidge, Hugh Grant, Marcia Gay Harden, Dennis Quaid, and a old, bald William Dafoe.


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