Fat Penguins now Exercise

Say “hey!” to Epsilon‘s newest feature, On A Lighter Note…, where we give you a story that may be a little bit weird, or perhaps a little bit motivational. The expressed purpose and mission of this feature is to simply have you depart on a lighter note. Right now in Japan’s Asahiyama Zoo, they are taking all of their penguins on a 500-yard walk, twice a day, to keep from becoming obese. The face accumulates in the penguins during the winter months – like humans – and they stand very still during the winter, due to the cold breeze. The zoo started the winter exercise program in 2003, and goes from December until April. So, if the penguins can exercise regularly, can the Institute Director? Yes, he can! Will he? Stay tuned for further developments.


2 Responses to “Fat Penguins now Exercise”

  1. John Jurries Says:


  2. Erika Says:

    ugh, exercise is VERY overrated!!

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