400 lbs. Of Explosives Vanish

Officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed today that they are investigating the theft of 400 pounds of explosives. The powerful explosives were stolen from a bunker owned by a bomb expert who works at a national research lab outside Albuquerque. The thieves, according to sources at ABC News, used blowtorches to cut through the thick steel walls.

150 of the 400 pounds of explosives are the deadly C-4 plastic, or “sheet explosives,” which can be shaped and molded. It is popular with terrorist and the military. (Additionally, it is popular amongst fictional government agents on modern American television, on cult shows such as 24 and Alias. I’m just saying.)

2,500 detonators were also missing. Authorities have no leads in the theft, and say that there is no indication terrorism is involved. (source)


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