Re-Casting a Classic

Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life came out 59 years ago, and has become an American classic. George Bailey had a great life, a wonderful life, as the story goes. But then the emotional pendulum swung the other way, and times were baaad. And being $8,000 in debt, George Bailey was about to commit suicide, when Clarence the angel intervenes. But that was made in the olden days. Today, old movies are being remade all the time. Even beloved classics, like King Kong. So Epsilon wonders… Who would you cast in a remake of It’s a Wonderful Life?

For George Bailey, you’d want somebody with tremendous range. Somebody who could pull off the dramatic and the hilarious, while making it all seem natural, believable, and seem like he’s a real person. Tom Hanks anybody? I know, he doesn’t look anything like Jimmy Stewart. If you’re casting based on similarities to Stewart, there aren’t too many people who come to mind off the top of my head… Maybe Nicholas Cage. Maybe. Hey, I could have suggested a Wilson brother! (actually…)

For his wonderful wife, Mary, well… I don’t know. If she could come across as older, and looked the same age as Tom Hanks, maybe Jennifer Garner (pictured) What? She could do it. Probably. Or maybe Naomi Watts wants to make a career of playing classic female roles from vintage movies by starring in this theoretical remake. (Watts recently starred in the 2005 King Kong) (UPDATE: Just remembered Kate Winslet. She’d be good in that role!)

And what of mean old Mr. Potter? That man always cared about the dime, and never the soul. And naturally, those roles are usually reserved for Anthony Hopkins! But we don’t want to completely freak the audience out now… Hey, Bill Cosby‘s the same age! Except politically, that wouldn’t do. So how about Nero Wolfe himself, Maury Chaykin? He’s, uh… he fits the role, and he commands enough authority to be a good on-screen villain against Tom Hanks.

And, I want the team behind Lost to make this movie. They pay excellent attention to pacing, and they are raising the bar as far as character development goes.

But this is just my list. Who’s all on yours?


One Response to “Re-Casting a Classic”

  1. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    Nicholas Cage Does Not look like Jimmy Stewart. That is all.

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