Casting Clarence…

In my mind, I’ve now settled on Tom Hanks, Kate Winslet, and Maury Chaykin to play Mr. & Mrs Bailey and Mr. Potter, respectively. Beyond those three characters, no one is perhaps more pivotal to the story’s success than the benevolent – if not a bit wacky – angel, Clarence, made famous by Henry Travers.

Now, if I’m having the team behind Lost make this movie, they could probably convince Terry O’Quinn to join the cast and play Clarence. Granted, O’Quinn might play a more “dramatic” Clarence than the original… O’Quinn has the ability to make his characters seem very good and very evil, simultaneously. He’s good. Another Lost co-star, Sam Anderson, looks like he could play a Clarence more in line with the original. Of course, since we took the role of Mr. Potter away from him, we could always give the role of Clarence to Anthony Hopkins. Or Sean Connery. Hehe.

Or, if you want to go a completely different kind of route, you could have John Aylward do it. (Aylward plays Dr. Anspaugh on NBC’s ER) He’d be a kind old angel, if you do things his way. Or, even better! Drawing on ER‘s talent pool, use their secretary, Frank! He’d make an excellent Clarence, wouldn’t he?


3 Responses to “Casting Clarence…”

  1. John Jurries Says:

    I vote for Snoop Dog.

  2. John Jurries Says:

    Also, you need the Blue Man Group.

  3. John Jurries Says:

    Heh. The BMG could play the kids.

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