Coming Soon…

Here’s some of what you can expect on the Institute’s coming soon… Over at Delta, I’m currently working on a top 10 news stories of the year list. Basically, I just have to edit the “script”, and come up with graphics that I like. I have graphics made, but when I did a “test run”, they looked kind of out of place, and kind of ugly. So I need to come up with new graphics. Go without graphics, you say? HEATHEN! MEDANITE! Say not such blasphamy!

I’m also going to work on the first Across America profile. The state’s been chosen, I just now have to chose a town at random, and give it a very pithy profile. It should be fun! I have more possibilities “in the pipline” as it were… Across America is a feature that I’m VERY excited about.

Then, I recently had the honor and priviledge of meeting up with some very good and kind folk, and recording some podcasts. You’ll hear some musical numbers, and hear a very special podcast with TDI affiliate Erika, who has her own audience applauding her!

Then here at Epsilon, I’ll posts some pictures from that meeting. (there are some GREAT pictures. “Blackmail pictures”, I’m told!) I’ll also post another part of my July 4, 2005 photo shoot. If you suffer though July 4, you’ll get a really cool photo series after that. I PROMISE. I’m also going to try to find some time to brainstorm on how to build Epsilon up, so it feels more organized, instead of just a catch-all kind of blog. (which is what a blog is, I know.)

I also want to “re-casts” some other movies. It’s a Wonderful Life was fun, and I really think Tom Hanks and Kate Winslet would be really good. And no one’s told me I’m crazy, so maybe I’m on to something? Maybe? Anyways, I’ll have to pick out some movies to re-casts. (You know, if you want to suggest any, that’d be OK… *hint hint*)

So that’s what you can expect in the near future here at the Institutes! ^_^
– Charles, Director of the Delta and Epsilon Institutes


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