Delta Podcast: Interviewing Erika

Welcome to another installment of The Delta Podcast! This time, we talked to TDI affiliate Erika about her life… and stuff. And TDI had a first in our podcasting history… Our interviewee had a small audience to cheer whatever she said! Even when she was wrong, or just plain inappropriate! (My best sister, Erika? Best? How does your worst sister feel after listening to this? EVEN MORE WORSE!) This is an interview that TDI feels that we won’t soon forget. Which is great only for the resident psychiatrist.

The Delta Podcast feed can be found on the Information Bar on the right hand side of the screen. We’re also available through iTunes podcasts.


2 Responses to “Delta Podcast: Interviewing Erika”

  1. Erika Says:

    Much thanx chuck, for finally working it all out!! I sound retarded!!

  2. Petey Says:

    That Was the BEST POD CAST EVER!!!
    (giggling) oh man!!!

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