Drunk Dumped Off Plane, Onto Island

There once was a man on a plane. A very drunk man. And this man started to swore at the crew and passengers after being refused a bottle of wine during a four-hour flight from Manchester to Tenerife. This man became so abusive, according to reports, that the fed-up pilot diverted the plane to Porto Santo island (just off of West Africa). After the plane touched down, the man was marched off by police, had his luggage dumped, and the plane took off again!

Airline officials said that the man didn’t appear drunk when he boarded the flight. The crew tried to pacify the man, but according to reports, his behavior got worse and worse, and was thrown off for “abusive and disruptive” behavior. Heh. Monarch Airlines says that the action was taken in the interests of all the passengers, and said that the man’s behavior is “not acceptable”. (source)

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The Guardian, ITV News, Financial Times

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  1. Aussie Says:

    You’re too close to the mike in your podcasts.

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