2006 Finally Happened

The legislation was battled fiercely in the senate, complete with a 3-day filibuster. Interest groups from both sides of the issue gave their opinions in a fierce political battle. But after intense national debate over an issue that divided the nation apart, 2006 started right on schedule. Opponets of 2006, citing budget issues, wanted to repeat 2004. But pro-2006’ers said that the projected budgets for the new year would be cheaper if it were ’06, instead of another ’04. For a second, it appeared in Times Square that it may in fact have been 2004, but after placing several phone calls, TDI can confirm that it is, indeed, 2006. Happy New Year, everybody!


One Response to “2006 Finally Happened”

  1. Notliberal Says:

    The best reason not to repeat 2004 is John Kerry. Who wants to listen to that windbag for a whole year?–>

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