New Radio Station, New News Show

FOX News and XM Satellite Radio launched FOX News Talk recently on XM channel 68. The new station features FOX News Radio produced programs The Tony Snow Show, The Radio Factor w/Bill O’Reilly, The John Gibson Show, and The Alan Colmes Show. The station also includes regular headline updates from FOX News Radio personalities. You can click here to read the .PDF schedule. There’s also a new radio program for the XM network, called FOX Across America w/Spencer Hughes. Spencer Hughes is a conservative talk show host from California. This new shows airs from 2-5 pm. streams many of these programs online here.

(As expected, Sirius Satellite Radio wasn’t so serious about keeping FOX News around… It has been replaced with an audio feed of CNN Headline News.)

Then, as we informed you back in December, ABC’s World News Tonight will be premiering with two new anchors tonight. For the first night, co-anchor Bob Woodruff will be in Iran, while Elizabeth Vargas will anchor from the studio. In fact, the plan is to rarely have the two in the same studio, always having at least one of them out in the field somewhere.

Woodruff has said that this won’t just be two anchors playing “news ping-pong” like on a local newscast. He says that they’ll be more of reporters on-air, rather than the traditional anchor. They will also be the first network news program to offer an original webcast, called World News Now, which will be available live at 3 pm ET at the WNT website. The newscast even has a revamped blog, now called The WorldNewser. The new anchor duo will also anchor a live version of WNT for the West Coast, a market that rarely gets live newscasts from any national news outlet.


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