Miracle Shattered; 12 Miners Dead

Late last night, we got the word that 12 of the Tallmansville miners had survived, against all odds, much to the sheer jubilation of the community. But there was a miscommunication. Only one miner survived, all the others had perish in the tragedy. The news came to family members just three after they had been given the false report. The sole survivor, Randal McCloy, is in critical condition. Thankfully, he isn’t showing any signs of brain damage or carbon monoxide poisoning. McCloy, 27, was the youngest in the group. For McCloy’s family, it truly is a miracle. But for the other twelve, it is a heartbreaking day. Just hours after rejoicing at the news that their loved ones were found alive, they had to start grieving for the miners. More on the Tallmansville Miners throughout the week here on TDI.


2 Responses to “Miracle Shattered; 12 Miners Dead”

  1. Doughboy Says:

    16 tons and what do you get…
    The coal industry is a very dangerous place to work, always has been. ICG has a responsibility to the families first and hopefully they will follow through. Great place you have here. Peace, Take it Easy

  2. eChuckler Says:

    Thanks for visiting!

    I heard that coal mining is one of most lucrative paychecks you can get, but it’s also one of THE most lethal jobs.

    There are mining accidents in China all the time. It’s a dangerous, dangerous profession, and I’m thankful for those who choose to go into it.

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