Dancing with the Stars: Predictions!

Let me start off by saying this: I am not a fan of the program. I might watch some of this season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, but I did not watch any of season one. And it is with that context that I now boldly and blindy make predictions for the final three couples!

Tatum O’Neil and Nick Kosovich
This was the only couple I saw dance, so they make the list partly based on that. And also because Tatum’s been getting a fair amount of good buzz on the web; she’s already a favorite. Plus, she’s pretty, and she came across and “genuine” and not “overstuffed”, like some Hollywood people. I think Tatum and Nick stand a chance.

Tia Carrere and Max Chmerkovskiy
She’s… Tia. She’s pretty! And she’s got an unusual name. That helps her stay in the minds of the voting public!

Giselle Fernandez and Jonathan Roberts
Yes, the third celebrity is a woman. The guys were good, but they just couldn’t cut it this year. And, basically, I don’t have anything to say about Giselle except that I hear she was good.

There. Those are my predictions for this season of Dancing with the Stars. When it comes down to week 7, could somebody drop me a note, so I can compare my list to see if any of my couples are still on? (early prediction: Tatum wins this season)


One Response to “Dancing with the Stars: Predictions!”

  1. Grace Says:

    So far I don’t really care who wins as long as it is not master P Miller!

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