Glu-Glu Meets the Impatient Hur-Hur

Glu-Glu stood patiently in line at the grocery store one fine day, when he looked over in the next lane to see a very disgruntled gentleman. The lines were long, and this gentlemen had places to go. Places which must have been far more attractive than paying for essential food items, for he was quite eager for the five people ahead of him to hurry up and let him pay for all his food. The man’s name, as Glu-Glu overheard, was Hur-Hur.

“Hur-Hur,” said Glu-Glu to the impatient man in the lane next to him. “Why are you in such a hurry? None of us want to wait long either. You are not alone in your frustration!” The man glared back at him. “Oh, so you think you’re better than me? Just because you don’t mind waiting minute after minute in a grocery store lane?” Glu-Glu was rather surprised. “Why, no, I guess I don’t really mind after all. I have other things to worry about. Having to slow down for a few minutes and wait patiently doesn’t make me mad.” The man harrumphed at Glu-Glu and turned away. He wasn’t going to take any more advice from this man in the other lane. Wait indeed, how rude of him to insinuate such things!

Glu-Glu watched as many minutes later the Hur-Hur got up to his lane’s cashier. “Why are you so blasted slow? Do you know how long I waited?” In a blast of fury, Hur-Hur slammed his fist down on the conveyer belt, sending everything on it flying on up. While everyone else was ducking from an arial attack of soup and spam, Hur-Hur continued to stare angrily at the cashier. In fact, his gaze was so intense that he didn’t notice a rather large hammer, forced by gravity to charge back down to the nearest surface. FLWAM! The hammer struck Hur-Hur directly on the top of his head, knocking him out instantly. Followed immediately by a 10 pound ham!

The moral of the story, Glu-Glu figured, was that it isn’t just painful for everyone to listen to a impateint jerk; it hurts their head just as much.


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