Afghanistan Car Bomb Kills Three

Taliban insurgents carried out a suicide car bomb attack against a Canadian military convoy in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, killing three civilians, one of whom was a senior Canadian diplomat. Thirteen people were injured in the attack. Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammed Yousaf warned that “these attacks will continue for a long time. . . We have many more suicide attackers ready to go.” Afghanistan has been hit by about 25 suicide bombings in the past four months.

The Canadian diplomat killed was 59-year-old Glyn Berry, a senior diplomat with Canada’s Foreign Affairs and the political director of a reconstruction team in Afghanistan. Canada has about 650 troops in Afghanistan, almost all of them near Kandahar. The Canadian presence will be increased to 2,000 next month as part of NATO’s plans to extend its peacekeeping mission in the south. (source)

And Delta plans to extend our reporting mission, as we try to bring you more regular updates from Afghanistan. Though, just like any other story, we can’t cover every story, every bombing, or the victories. But we will try to bring you some stories none the less, even if it’s just once every week or two. That is our promise to you.


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