An International Phenomenon

Ethiopia, Botswana, England, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Greece, Australia, Poland, Malaysia, Norway, Israel, the United Kingdom… People from all these countries have visited the Delta Institute. Bringing you news that you may have missed, or that you want summarized nicely, this is The Delta Institute!


5 Responses to “An International Phenomenon”

  1. Nate Says:

    You forgot Alger Heights!

  2. Erika Says:

    well i wanna know where ppl come from on MY blog too!!

  3. eChuckler Says:

    Then find out! *honestly…*
    (just set up a site counter, Erika. It’s easy. The one I used, that Mark uses, let’s you know what city and country people are visiting from.)

  4. RaptorNine Says:

    That’s quite an international following, Chuck…

  5. eChuckler Says:

    Sadly, it’s not really a *following*, technically… Since they really only visit the site once. But I do get frequent visitors from Canada and England, so I can still say it’s read internationally! 🙂

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