The SAG Awards: Hour One

*NOTE* This is a re-broadcast; the follow post was pre-recorded. Please do not phone in.

Yes, I’m live for the next little while, covering the 12th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Until the awards end, the LIVE bug will stay at the top of this posts, and I’ll update every couple minutes, bringing you the latest from these awards. For the record, I am watching it on TBS. I’ve already made my predictions, and I now join the SAG awards, already in progress!

8:17 pm et – Introducing a small package on Hustle & Flow, nominated for best ensamble motion picture cast.
8:19 – Two cast members from the original Mission: Impossible introduce a package on the nominees for best ensamble cast. The Closer, nominated for best ensamble cast for television. Kinda short, doesn’t do much for me. Grey’s Anatomy? Kinda funny. Lost? They showed a wordless scene from a funeral! Idiots! Six Feet Under? Kinda an angry family. The West Wing? Didn’t follow.
8:22 – Lost wins. Told ‘ya.
8:23 – Terry O’Quinn holds the award, and gives the speech. He roasts his castmembers pretty good, calling them the worst collection of scene stealers and backstabbers. Heh. But what was that bird call they gave at the end?
8:24 – Chris Cooper gets on stage. Gives the nominees for supporting female actress in a motion picture. Rachel Weisz got a big audience reaction when her clip played. And the award goes to… Rachel Weisz. Blast, I predicted Frances McDormand.
8:26 – Weisz thanks her “tribe” for awarding her for this film, then thanks everybody who ever possibly worked on The Constant Gardener. She looks pretty tonight. What? She does!
8:27 – SAG awards to continue in a moment, after this “brief” commercial break.
8:32 – We’re back! William Shatner introduces a package on commercials.
8:33 – SAG actors talk about how challenging it can be to work in commercials. Is this tounge-in-cheek or not? I think not, but it’s hard to tell. I’m sure it is hard, but this is just kind of weird! Except I like the interviews with the voice actors, giving different voices for different roles. They all loves their jobs. Yay!
8:36 – Naveen Andrews and Patricia Arquette introduce the nominations for leading ladies in a comedy series for TV.
8:38 – And the winner is… Felicity Huffman, for Desperate Housewives. That show can will all night, just so the orchestra can keep playing that theme song! Felicity is holding back tears. “I love actors!” she declares. She mentioned that she married a terrific one (William H. Macy). She was never good at math, so she’s thankful that she can make a living!
8:40 – Introducing the nominees for best male actor in a comedy series. And the winner is… Sean Hayes, for Will & Grace. He thanks Ang Lee for taking a chance in him. Heh. Except his character is gay. So only a half “heh”. He thanks all his co-workers.
8:44 – And the best ensamble comedy series IS… Desperate Housewives. There’s that theme song again! The SAG made me happy, just because that theme song is so funky. Can they skip the speech and just play the music? Please? I don’t know who is giving the speech, but he’s out of breath. I love those fake smile shots from the audience! You know, for actors and actresses, they’re not very good at masking their fake faces.
8:49 – Commercial break. *sigh* This is kind of boring, actually. It lacks personality and charm. Last year’s was very funny, very witty. This year, they’re smiling, but it lacks gravity.
8:55 – We’re back. Alan Rosenberg, one of the heads of SAG, comes out on stage. He talks about how there’s such a wide range of characters nominated this years, that it’s an “oppertunity for all”, or some filler like that. Diversity, diversity… Thanks to the actors for existing, basically. And thanks to the audience for existing. Well, how ’bout this? Thanks, TDI audience, for existing. There, I can give a speech like him.
8:56 – Dakota Fanning. She has a huge, wide grin on her face. I think her face is stuck that way! Dakota introduces the Lifetime Achievement Award for Shirley Temple Black. Oh crud, is Dakota Fanning the Shirley Temple of my generation? Please, please no! Dakota seems nice, but her performance in War of the Worlds? It consisted of her screaming and crying every single minute she was on screen.
8:58 – We watch a tribute package to Shirley Temple Black.


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